CALS Redesign: Departments able to request funding for faculty positions

The Organization Redesign Committee recommended the college adopt a new model for allocating state funding (tuition and General Purpose Revenue) from vacated faculty lines. They recommended that departments retain 50% of the funding for that line, providing greater autonomy to departments to meet their goals, the goals of collaboratives and those of the college as a whole.

As a result of adopting the committee’s recommendation, the Dean’s Office summarized the new model and has developed a series of templates for departments to request 101 funding available as the result of faculty departures that occurred during this fiscal year.

There are three types of requests departments can submit under the new allocation model:

  1. A department that experienced a faculty departure this year (FY18) is eligible to retain 50% of the 101 salary funding (subject to approval of their spending plan). Request for Return of Departmental Faculty Salary Savings.
  2. Any department can request funding for a long-term investment (e.g., faculty retention or new faculty position) from the 50% of the salary savings that are returned to the college. The Dean’s Office will make funding decisions based on redesign goals related to student enrollments, research productivity and collaboration among units.
  3. Any department can request bridge funds to meet immediate, short-term needs resulting from unexpected faculty departures. This short-term funding comes from the salary savings returned to the college.

The deadline for all three requests is May 31. Going forward, the process will occur twice per year to address departures as quickly as possible. This approach replaces the former annual process of departments submitting faculty position requests to the Academic Planning Council for review and prioritization.