eCALS Post Submissions

Submission are welcome! The eCALS website and newsletter are for sharing pertinent news and information with CALS faculty, staff and graduate students. Posts are added to the website throughout the week. A week’s worth of posts are shared via the eCALS newsletter each Monday afternoon.

Email your submission to

As you compose your eCALS post, please follow these guidelines:

  • Tailor the content of your post to the eCALS audience(s) you have in mind: CALS faculty, staff and/or grad students.
  • Put your most important message up near the top; don’t bury the key information you want to share.
  • Links: To include pertinent links in your post, copy and paste the full URL address into the text of your post.
  • Contact info: Include contact info in the post, so readers know who to contact with questions.
  • Images: Send any images you would like included as attachments to your email.
  • eCALS editors will add formatting, such as bold text or bullet points, as needed.

If your post is about an upcoming event, be sure to add it to the UW–Madison events calendar and tag it as “CALS.”

All submissions will be reviewed prior to publication and will be posted as soon as possible after they are received. Submissions will be edited minimally, with the primary goals of improving clarity, increasing readability and adding basic formatting.