Zoerb: CALS offers Spring 2020 graduation “virtual event” toolkit

This message was sent to department chairs on 4/14/2020.

Because of the relative size of department vs. the whole college, we are recommending that departments/programs recognize their graduates this spring. Departments can provide a more personal and meaningful experience for our graduates than we would be able to be at the college-level. These efforts will complement the plans for the Chancellor and deans to virtually confer degrees that is being produced by the Chancellor’s Office.

There are three common ways programs are planning to celebrate their graduates:

  1. Virtual reception – Webcasting the in-person event you previously hosted in the past.
  2. Graduate slideshow for social media/website – This could include student submitted content as well as faculty and staff content, and could be done in conjunction with a virtual reception, or as a stand-alone communication.
  3. Graduation in a box – Sending a package to each graduate with department/program letters/certificates/logoed gifts (mini Terrace chairs, coffee mugs, etc.).

We have assembled some tools and services to assist you:

If you would like us to compile a video for your department/program, please submit video messages by the deadline. Thanks for your efforts as we try to reimagine what graduation will look like for our students.


Heidi Zoerb
Associate Dean for External Relations and Advancement