CALS in the News for the Week of Feb. 14-18

In the News

Biz Beat: Walker plan could hit private sector in pocketbook
Capital Times 2/15/2011
Quoted: Steve Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Warm weather could increase potential for manure runoff
Country Today 2/16/2011 (subscription)
Quoted: Dennis Frame, UW Discovery Farms

Apple Growers School Offered
Country Today 2/16/2011 (subscription)
Mentioned: John Hendrickson, UW-CIAS

Outlook for lamb growers anything but sheepish

Country Today 2/16/2011 (subscription)
Quoted: Dave Thomas, Animal Science

Specialist: Goat-barn ventilation tricky
Country Today 2/16/2011 (subscription)
Quoted: David Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering

Meat Crafters getting certified
Country Today 2/16/2011
Quoted: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Science

UW-Madison finishes first at Southwestern Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest
Wisconsin State Farmer 2/17/2011
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Farm and Industry Short Course
Quoted: Chelsea Holschbach, FISC Student

Market forces underpin recent trends in farm land values, rents
Wisconsin State Farmer 2/17/2011
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Livestock Gross Margin Insurance for dairy gains momentum
Wisconsin State Farmer 2/17/2011
Quoted: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science

Finding a cow’s inner dairyness
Western Farm Press 2/17/2011
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Farm and Industry Short Course
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Quoted: Vance Hauggen, Crawford County Extension
Quoted; Brian Coyne, Student, Dairy Science

Series features leading dairy speakers
Herald Times Reporter 2/16/2011
Mentioned; Brian Holms, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science
Mentioned; Pat Hoffman, Dairy Science

Fungus-farming leaf-cutter ant’s genome sequenced
Scientific American 2/11/2011
Quoted: Garret Suen, Bacteriology
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology
Mentioned: Wolfgang Hoffmann, CALS Photographer
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Cross Country: Direct dairy sales give some farmers an advantage
The Capital Times 2/10/2011
Mentioned: UW Center for Dairy Research

Treading new turf
Golf Course Industry 2/14/2011
Quoted: Brian Zimmerman, Alumni Soil Science

Fortenbery on beans: ‘Step away’ from all the bullish news, don’t risk too much new crop
Agri-View 2/16/2011
Quoted: Randy Fortenbery, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Fresh vegetable reminders timely
Agri-View 2/16/2011
Mentioned: A.J. Bussan, Horticulture

Potato storage issues emerging
Agri-View 2/16/2011
Quoted: A.J. Bussan, Horticulture

Of Interest

China Works to Stave off Wheat Crisis
New York Times 2/13/2011

Farmland Boom Provides Bright Spot for U.S. Midwest Real Estate
Bloomberg 2/15/2011

5 Reasons Investors Are Going Crazy For Farmland
Business Insider 2/14/2011

Ethanol Corn Approved
Chemical & Engineering News 2/15/2011