Annoucing PI Financial Tool

The APR PI Financials Project team is  pleased to introduce a new web-based tool designed to assist
faculty and other campus researchers in managing the financial aspects
of their grants. This easy-to-use tool allows researchers to do
financial planning and make decisions about future spending.

You may access the PI Tool via the Research tab in the My UW Portal
( or directly via When you initially
log in with your campus NetID the tool will populate with your projects.
You may then customize your portfolio, rename projects, add groups,
record budget updates and future spending, and other tasks. In doing so
you are only affecting your projects within this tool, not in other
campus financial systems, so feel free to customize what you see.

The numbers underneath your projects will update from campus sources
every time you log in. The projects you see are those for which you are
the PI or Co-PI, but you may give others permission to work with your
projects via the “preferences” link at the top. The tool also contains
several short video training modules to guide you in its use.

This tool is the result of work by an Administrative Process Redesign
(APR) team formed to provide faculty and other PIs timely, accurate, and
comprehensive financial information about their sponsored projects. The
team would like to extend their appreciation to the many faculty and
staff who tested the tool and provided valuable feedback during the
course of its development.

The Financials Project team will continue to improve this tool with future development.

If you would like to provide feedback on the tool, or if you have any
questions, I invite you to use the “Send a Comment” link at the bottom
of each screen. We hope that you find this tool useful.