Spring 2011 Tuition Remission Charges

Due to the Implementation of HRS, there will be a change in the processing of tuition remission charges for the Spring 2011 semester. Please share the information below, from Business Services, as necessary.

RSP is working with Business Services to monitor the accelerated charging as well as the possible impacts on transferred salary costs. If there are questions regarding the tuition remission expenses posted to a specific project, the best initial contact is:

Depending on the specifics of the issue, Business Services and/or RSP will investigate and respond.

Madison FMM Group Members:

In order to get the system ready for the HRS go-live in April, there’s change to the fee remission charges for the spring semester.Please share the below message with staff who are responsible for department and project/grant reporting and balances.

We’d like to have two important actions from you with regard to the spring fee remission changes:

1. Please verify current payroll funding on appointments that will receive fee remission during the spring semester. We may not be able to go back and correct the funding on fee remissions, should any salary cost transfers be made after March this year.

2. Please verify paid payroll funding on appointments that have already received fee remissions to see if any salary cost transfers will need to be made. If the answer is yes, we would like you to complete the salary cost transfer request forms, obtain required approvals (including RSP’s approval, when needed) and send the completed forms to Accounting Services, no later than Friday, March 18, in order to adjust the funding on fee remissions during the March month end close process.