WISPER improvements to cross-campus proposal process

It is campus policy, in the case of cross-campus collaborations, to require the approval of a collaborator’s unit prior to submitting a proposal. Under the auspices of the Administrative Process Redesign (APR) initiative, this process has been reviewed for better efficiency, and tools have been developed to make the approval process easier. The following improvements to this process have been released as part of the APR initiative:

The first improvement is better guidance. The updated information is located on RSP’s Routing and Approvals web page: It provides a clear description of a simplified process for gaining approval to involve other units’ resources in your proposals.

The second improvement is a query to determine a collaborator’s current salary and home unit’s UDDS. This is intended to assist in getting accurate salary information with which to build a proposal budget. See

The third improvement is intended to take the guesswork out of who should receive your approval request. The tool has been incorporated right into WISPER. After you compose an approval request type of “Other Dept or Div Resource”, you’ll be prompted to select an approver type. You can select an approver type of “Dept Res” and indicate the other unit’s name and UDDS. WISPER will automatically direct your request to the appropriate approver(s). If you need to follow up with the approver(s), their names will be listed on the bottom of the request . The table of approver(s) for each unit is managed by your school/college research office.

For more information on the APR initiative, please go to