Research Division proposal lead time policy

CALS is a large and diverse college that boasts nearly 400 faculty and PI’s across 19 departments and 28 centers and institutes, all of whom generate proposals to a multitude of sponsors. The staff of the Research Division supports each and every one of these submissions and is highly invested in their success. The Research Division reviews each submission carefully for completeness and accuracy, thereby ensuring submission success, increasing chances for an award, and anticipating considerations that will make it easier to administer the funding when it is awarded. The diversity of sponsors and our faculty requires that we be familiar with the unique requirements of very different sponsors, adding to the complexity of the review process. Thus, even a single last-minute submission takes precious hours from others that were submitted to us on time.

In the past few months, last-minute submissions have increased dramatically, thereby reducing the efficiency with which we can process proposals. Electronic submission systems (e.g., Cayuse) have been refined, but they are not perfect. A proposal that is complete but submitted within fewer than 3 business days to deadline leaves little or no leeway to mitigate technical submission problems or other complications beyond our control. Furthermore, Sponsors do not consult with each other when selecting submission deadline dates, and they often appear to select dates that are the same or within close proximity to each other. For example, the past month has seen multiple major deadlines for proposals due to major federal sponsors including NSF, USDA, NIH. This is in addition to the equally numerous and important submissions that the CALS Research Division coordinates to nationwide and local non-profit organizations, commodity boards, other institutions, and internal competitions.

Your cooperation in adhering to these requirements is greatly appreciated.

To Initiate CALS Proposal Review:

For all proposals, pre-proposals, agreements, and other sponsored program submissions, relevant documents and information must be delivered to the CALS Research Division a minimum of 5 business days prior to the submission deadline. Relevant information and documents include:

A WISPER record with the following information completed

  • PI signature
  • Department approval (signified by an approval response or routing)
  • Submission instructions
  • Call for proposals (RFP) attached
  • Attachments:
    • Detailed Budget and Budget Narrative, Scope of work (brief abstract – a draft is acceptable), All Subcontract documents, and Matching commitments (if applicable).

To Complete Submission:

  • For all electronic submissions by institutional official (Cayuse, Fastlane, etc), at least 3 business days prior to the deadline, the full submission must be complete and ready for our review.
  • For all other submissions (email, PI submitted, hard copy), a hard copy of any documents requiring signature (if applicable) must be complete and delivered to CALS at least 3 business days prior to the deadline.

Important Notes:

  • At the time you decide that you will be submitting a proposal, it is extremely helpful to communicate the agency, funding opportunity information, and deadline to your Research Division preaward contact.
  • If a proposal will be large or complex (e.g. several hundred thousand dollar budget, matching requirements, multiple institutions involved), plan to allow at least a month’s lead time to ensure a successful submission.