Workshop on applying for an NIH fellowship

This seminar is designed to give prospective predoctoral and postdoctoral applicants the tools necessary to complete F series proposals.  The bulk of the presentation will focus on how to electronically apply for NIH Fellowships using Cayuse. The presenters will show trainees how to update their Cayuse Profile, create a proposal and how to navigate within a proposal. Additionally, presenters will discuss recent updates from NIH on required sections of these applications, provide tips for avoiding common errors in Cayuse and some common review criteria for these awards.

  • INTENDED AUDIENCE: Graduate students or postdocs applying for these fellowships. Note that only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for NIH fellowships.
  • DATE: Tuesday, March 2nd
  • TIME: 2:00-3:00 pm
  • LOCATION: 1360 Genetics/Biotechnology Center