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Guidance on using furlough days around Labor Day legal holiday

Employees are able to take a furlough day on the day before a holiday, the day after a holiday, or both—and still receive holiday pay for the holiday.

Note: The following employee categories may only take one furlough day per week which applies when a holiday occurs Monday-Friday (such as Labor Day):

-Non-instructional Academic Staff (Exempt) (salaried employees)
-University Staff Exempt (salaried employees)
-Limited Employees

Position-Specific Furlough
Employees on Position-Specific Furlough who are placed in full furlough, and are not working, will not receive pay for any fixed legal holidays during furlough.

Employees on Position-Specific Furlough who are placed on partial furlough and are working will receive holiday pay at their regular allocation.

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