Ten images and two videos by University of Wisconsin–Madison students, faculty and staff have been named winners of the 2019 Cool Science Image Contest. Two of the winning images were submitted by CALS personnel.

A panel of eight experienced artists and scientists judged the scientific content and aesthetic and creative qualities of 95 images and videos entered in the ninth annual competition.

“To be able to see things from such a different perspective — so close to the hairs on the leg of an insect, or cells migrating, or all the colors that shine from a mineral if you crack the rock open — can be such a powerful way to understand things that may be mysterious if you’re not working in a lab,” says Kara Rogers, a contest judge and senior editor, biomedical sciences, for Encyclopaedia Britannica. “There are a lot of those surprises, things that make you sit up and say, ‘That’s amazing,’ in the submissions this year.”

The winning CALS images are below. All winning entries can be viewed on the UW–Madison News website.

Bothriomutilla rugicollis may be an Australian wasp, but members of its family — the Mutillids — are commonly called velvet ants. During their larval development, they live inside an insect host. The moon-like object hovering above this female’s thorax is the head of the pin holding this curated specimen.

Craig Brabant, curator, Wisconsin Insect Research Collection, Department of Entomology; digital camera

In cross-section, a single grain of corn becomes remarkably complex. The germ — the living base of a kernel where the plant’s genetic information resides, pictured here — includes the coleoptile, a sheath that protects an emerging shoot and the first leaves.

Elle Kielar-Grevstad, director, Biochemistry Optical Core; laser scanning confocal microscope