Chris Hittinger and Dave Pagliarini receive Romnes Faculty Fellowships

Two CALS professors were among the 11 UW–Madison faculty selected to receive H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowships in 2019:

Chris Hittinger, associate professor of genetics, researches yeast evolutionary genomics, biodiversity, and brewing and bioenergy applications. Key discoveries include the cold-tolerant parent of hybrid lager yeasts, horizontal transfer of a bacterial operon into yeasts, and a budding yeast secondary metabolite gene cluster. The Wild YEAST Program trains undergraduates with genuine discovery-driven research experiences.

Dave Pagliarini, associate professor of biochemistry and director of the Morgridge Institute for Research’s Metabolism Theme, studies mitochondria — ubiquitous organelles essential for cellular metabolism. His lab integrates classic biochemistry with large-scale methodologies to systematically define the functions of uncharacterized mitochondrial proteins and to establish the detailed mechanisms that drive disease-related mitochondrial pathways.

H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowships recognize faculty up to six years past their first promotion to a tenured position. The award is named in recognition of the late WARF trustee president H.I. Romnes.

More details are available in this UW–Madison news release.