CALS in the News for the Week of December 22 – 28

In the News

A new ‘Uber for Poop’ in Senegal is creating competition to pick up waste from people’s homes
Business Insider, 12/27/2018
Mentioned: Laura Schechter, Agricultural and Applied Economics

7 foods that you can leave out overnight
Business Insider, 12/21/2018
Mentioned: Marianne Smukowski, Center for Dairy Research

Farmers have mixed reactions to Dairy Task Force’s proposals to save industry
WSAW, 12/27/2018
Quoted: Ryan Klussendorf, alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Former Oscar Mayer plant seen as possible location for regional food terminal facility
Wisconsin State Journal, 12/28/2018
Quoted: Lindsey Day Farnsworth, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Four Elements Herbals Health and Wellness Teas
Milwaukee Shepherd Express, 12/24/2018
Quoted: Jane Hawley Stevens, alumna, Horticulture

Dairy Talk Tuesdays offered
Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, 12/26/2018
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Jennifer Van Os, Dairy Science

Sloths: A slow moving symbiosis
APG Media of Wisconsin, 12/24/2018
Mentioned: John Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Harsdorf reflects on 2018 as transition begins
The Country Today, 12/24/2018
Mentioned: John Lucey, Center for Dairy Research

Management plan key when switching from dairy to beef
The Country Today, 12/24/2018
Quoted: David Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering

Myth-Busting, Soybean Style
Successful Farming, 12/27/2018
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Finalists of Wisconsin Soybean Yield Contest Named
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 12/25/2018
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Farmers take hard look at industry consolidation
Agri-View, 12/26/2018
Mentioned: Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Dairy producer strategies to improve profitability
Wisconsin State Farmer, 12/26/2018
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW-Extension staff committed to Wisconsin agricultural community
Wisconsin State Farmer (column), 12/26/2018
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability
Pictured: Jamie Patton, Horticulture