Share your science with Wisconsin youth on June 25 or 26

The following is a message from Tom Zinnen:

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to extend this invitation to you to participate in the 2019 Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference coming up on June 24-27 here at UW–Madison.

My Extension colleagues Amber Rehberg and Justin Lieck would be thrilled to welcome any UW–Madison researchers or outreachers who would like to present a hands-on seminar/workshop (1 hour or 2 hours) on June 25 (Tuesday) or June 26 (Wednesday), either in the morning or in the afternoon.  The youth are in 7th through 10th grade, and you can offer a workshop in science and engineering, or in healthy living, civic engagement, Comm Arts or other areas.

4-H is the statewide youth development program of the UW System and is part of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, which will become part of UW–Madison this coming year.

The State Conference is a great way to share your science with young people from all over Wisconsin.  We’ll have visitors from all 72 counties.

It’s also a splendid opportunity to tune young people into the opportunities for coming to college at UW–Madison.

Here at the Biotechnology Center, Liz Jesse and I offer a couple of 2-hour workshops (one on DNA Science, the other on Science Savvy through Food Science) that also include walkabout tours of some of the labs at the Biotech Center and a walkthrough of the Biochemistry buildings.

These experiences can help ignite the aspirations of our younger visitors. I know this first-hand, because when I was 14 and living in Dixon Illinois my high school ag teacher took my Ag class on a field trip to the University of Illinois.  I was astonished at what a public land-grant research university looked like, and at the range of people & places & pursuits on campus — and Champaign doesn’t even have a Lake or a Terrace.

For more information on Wisconsin State 4-H & Youth Conference, please visit

If you’d like to sign up to lead a seminar/workshop, please go to

I’d be happy to respond to any questions or suggestions, by email or by phone (608-265-2420), whichever you prefer.  If you’re a grad student or post-doc who’d like to borrow some equipment or supplies to help speed your outreach work with 4H youth, please let me know — Liz and I are happy to share whatever we can.

Also, I’m pretty sure Amber and Justin would also be happy to talk with you, too (608-263-5971).

The deadline to put in your request to offer a seminar/workshop is January 31.

I hope you’ll consider leading a workshop for our 4-H youth this summer, and I’d be grateful if you’d please share this invitation with any of your colleagues who might also be interested.

Thanks again for considering this invitation!

Tom Zinnen
Biotechnology Center & Wisconsin Cooperative Extension