Food Waste and Sustainability Symposium – Sept. 27

The Food Research Institute and the Institute for Food Safety and Public Health will co-host “Food Waste and Sustainability: Strategies to Improve Food Safety, Food Security, and Nutrition” on Sept. 27 in Burr Ridge, Ill. This symposium will bring together representatives from industry, academia and government to discuss ways in which food sustainability can be improved and food waste decreased without compromising food safety, food security or nutrition.

Sessions will cover agricultural issues and solutions related to sustainability in food production, approaches to reducing food waste in manufacturing of various food products, and ways to minimize waste in retail and restaurant environments. Consumer and social issues related to sustainability and food waste will be addressed. Additional presentations will discuss the role of supply chain management, date labeling, and cold chain management in improving sustainability in the food supply and reducing waste.

An academic rate of $199 and a student rate of $129 are available. Please visit the FRI website for more details and to register. View the full program here.