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CALS faculty hiring decisions for FY19

At their annual retreat last week, Dean Kate VandenBosch informed department chairs of the approved FY19 faculty positions. There were several requests for both a return of 101 salary funding to departments as part of the new funding model, and for 101 funding from the Dean’s Office. The following positions were approved:

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics (Agricultural Marketing)
  • Animal Sciences (Animal Biologics)
  • Animal Sciences (Animal Welfare)
  • Bacteriology (Molecular Microbiology)
  • Biological Systems Engineering (Machinery Systems)
  • Dairy Science (Precision Management and Data Analytics)
  • Entomology (Forest Entomology)
  • Food Science (Food Chemistry)
  • Genetics (Genetics/Genomics)
  • Life Sciences Communication (Big Data and Science Communication)
  • Plant Pathology (Pathology of Seed Potatoes)

Another round of funding requests for bridge funding and faculty positions will occur later this fall.