CALS Redesign: Departmental five-year plans and schedule

Dean Kate VandenBosch released early drafts of a planning template and guidance document that departments will use to outline priorities and activities for the next five years. Five-year plans were recommended in the Organizational Redesign Committee’s report from December 2017. The planning templates will continue to be refined over the summer. Each department, including those who will participate in a collaborative, will complete a plan by the end of 2018.

Organizational Redesign schedule, summer-fall:


Concept documents are due to the dean

Department chairs and the APC review draft template for five-year plans

Funding requests are due to the dean for bridge funding, approval of plans for 50% retained funds and new investments from the Dean’s Office


Dean provides feedback on concept documents

Dean’s Office announces decisions about bridge funding


Dean’s Office announces decisions on other funding requests

Department Chairs’ retreat to discuss approach to five-year planning

Final concept documents, following dean’s feedback, due to Dean’s Office


Second call for funding requests released


Departmental five-year plans are due