CALS Lunch and Learn addresses inclusive spaces – April 9

CALS Lunch and Learn – “Facilitation Domination: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All”
Monday, April 9, 2018
Noon to 1 p.m.
1520 Microbial Sciences Building – Please Bring Your Own Lunches

Join your colleagues in an engaging conversation centered on how to facilitate and instruct through the lens of inclusion and diversity.

We will start by digging in to our own identities and how that often shapes the way we facilitate spaces.  We will continue by walking through the journey of how to support our outstanding and diverse students in their CALS experience. To wrap up the session, we will share and discuss some facilitation hurdles, helpful hints, and quick tips.   Bring your own examples of some great facilitation styles that have been effective, and ones that you have experienced that have not worked as well.  Our intention is to provide support and resources as you connect with Badgers who bring their multiple and diverse identities to your spaces.

This presentation will be led by Aaric Guerriero of the Center for the First Year Experience.