Badger Meat Science Club hosts “whole hog break down” fundraiser – Nov. 16

The Badger Meat Science Club is hosting  a “Whole Hog Break Down” fundraising event on Thursday, Nov. 16 from 6 – 9 p.m. Participants in the workshop begin with a full side of pork and learn the basic anatomy to break down the hog to its primal cuts. Then they have the opportunity to butcher their own cuts and roasts to take home at the end of the workshop.

The $175 registration fee includes the workshop, supplemental reading materials, and up to 30 pounds of fresh pork cuts. There is an additional $25 processing fee for ham and bacon. The event is open the public, but space is limited. To register, download this document. For additional information, contact All proceeds go to the Badger Meat Science Club travel fund.