CALS In the News for the week of Oct 21 – Oct 27


Agriculture can indeed fix our food system — if we reimagine it 
The Washington Post, 10/26/2017
Written by: Randy Jackson, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Written by: Michelle Miller, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Written by: Pam Porter, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Written by: Lindsey Day-Farnsworth, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

National security implications of gene editing
ScienceDaily, 10/24/2017
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

Rehabilitating the caramel apple’s bruised reputation for Halloween DIY parties
Chicago Tribune, 10/25/2017
Quoted: Kathleen Glass, Food Science

Made in Milwaukee: Usinger’s, 10/20/2017
Quoted: Fritz Usinger, Alumnus, Animal Sciences

Scientists Seek To Solve Marten Mystery On The Apostle Islands
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/26/2017
Quoted: Jonathan Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW Professor Completes Three-year Turf Study Using Sports Fields in Stoughton
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/27/2017
Mentioned: Doug Soldat, Soil Science

UW: Lead paint removal in halls posed no health risk, 10/23/2017
Mentioned: Agricultural Hall

Lallemand announces the acquisition of Lactic Solutions
Ethanol Producer Magazine, 10/25/2017
Quoted: Jim Steele, Food Science

Hemp once a big part of Wisconsin agriculture
The Country Today, 10/23/2017
Mentioned: Andrew Wright, Deceased, Agronomy

UW nutritional research focuses on dairy, inflammation
Wisconsin State Farmer, 10/25/2017
Quoted: Bradley Bolling, Food Science

NMPF considering Class I price formula change proposal
Progressive Dairyman, 10/24/2017
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Badger Swine Symposium set for Nov. 10
Wisconsin State Farmer, 10/16/2017
Mentioned: Department of Food Science
Mentioned: Department of Animal Sciences

Leading Dairy Nutrition Experts Share Latest in Research and Management
DairyBusiness, 10/23/2017
Mentioned: David Combs, Dairy Science

Of Interest

Proposed UW-Extension changes have some worried about losing jobs, services
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/24/2017

Crops evolving ten millennia before experts thought 
Science Daily, 10/23/2017

Show consumers how you raise beef with care
Morning Ag Clips, 10/27/2017

Expanding Brazilian sugarcane could dent global CO2 emissions
Science Daily, 10/23/2017

Water buffalo genome unveiled 
Science Daily, 10/27/2017