University launches comprehensive fundraising campaign

AllWaysForwardStackedLast Thursday, the university announced “All Ways Forward,” a $3.2 billion comprehensive fundraising campaign that will continue through 2020. CALS set a collegiate goal to raise $150 million during the campaign. Since the campaign planning phase began in 2013, we raised $47,400,550 for the college.

The CALS total to date includes six professorships and chairs that benefited from the Morgridge Match. It also includes a successful marketing effort to meet a challenge from anonymous alumni who offered $100,000 in matching dollars for gifts to the CALS annual fund. Since June, more than 1,000 CALS donors exhausted the match, contributing in excess of $180,000 to college and departmental funds.

CALS campaign goals fall into the following four areas:

  • Addressing society’s grand challenges
  • Preparing students for the future
  • Facilities to prepare tomorrow’s leaders
  • Recruit and retain the next generation of leading faculty

During the campaign launch event, Chancellor Blank noted that The University of Wisconsin-Madison has always been financed by a partnership between Wisconsin taxpayers, students and their families, federal granting agencies, other grant-making organizations and gifts from our alumni and friends. She stressed that private gifts are not meant to replace state funding; they are instead intended to fund initiatives and programs that will, in combination with state funding and other revenue, keep UW-Madison strong. She also noted many private gifts are earmarked for specific purposes and that significant portion of the funds raised during the campaign will go into endowments, of which only 4.5% are available for spending on an annual basis.

Visit for information on the impact private gifts have in the college and for a constantly expanding list of donor opportunities.