Agricultural Research Station chargeback increases for FY2016

On Jul. 1, the $250M cut in state support to the UW System went into effect. The cut includes a $1.8 M reduction to CALS 101-state funding in the current fiscal year ( FY16).  Ag Research Stations’ (ARS) portion of the cut is $500K with an additional cut of $250K expected for ARS in FY17. This reduction in state funding for ARS comes on top of a reduction of nearly $800K in the FY09-11 and FY11-13 state biennial budgets.

Meeting such a reduction poses a significant challenge. To meet this reduction, CALS administration working with ARS has collected information on station usage, discussed potential management changes, possible ways to improve efficiency, and station consolidation, reduction in scope, or closure. In addition, we are also looking at ways to increase revenue.

At the ARS Committee meeting on Sept. 3, the committee discussed how ARS is going to meet these reductions. A discussion took place on increasing chargebacks and reducing the Animal and Dairy Science stipends as a component in meeting the reduction. After discussion, the committee passed a recommendation to increase chargebacks by 12.5% in FY16 for crop chargebacks, Walnut Street Greenhouse bench-space fees, Hancock Storage Research Facility bin and locker space fees, Kemp lodging fees, and an equivalent stipend decrease for the Animal and Dairy Science Departments.

This recommendation was forwarded to the CALS Deans office and was approved. So effective immediately these chargebacks will go in effect as follows:

  1. Crop Chargebacks, effective for the 2015 growing season
  2. Walnut Street Greenhouse bench-space fees, effective November 1, 2015
  3. Hancock Storage Research Facility bin and locker space fees, effective for the 2015-16 storage season
  4. Kemp Lodging fees, effective January 1, 2016
  5. A stipend decrease for Animal and Dairy Science, effective immediately

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