New CALS study abroad peer advisors available to help students

CALS’ new study abroad peer advisors are (left to right) Keighley Reisenauer, Delaney Cairns, CeCe Borleske and Caroline Grenis.

The CALS Office of Academic Affairs has four new peer advisors on duty. While they will be available help with general advising, their special role in 116 Ag Hall is to work with fellow students interested in study abroad opportunities.

Each of CALS’ new peer advisors has completed an international experience (read their mini-profiles below), so they can offer their own first-hand knowledge about how to navigate the paperwork, preparation and culture shock involved in participating in an international program.

Peer advisors are great for this role, according to professional staff advisors. That’s because while both professional staff and peer advisors can easily address issues of curriculum, credit, financial aid and safety, there are other things – such as the emotional and exploratory elements of these experiences – that students often feel more comfortable discussing with fellow students.

Our new CALS study abroad peer advisors are:

CeCe Borleske
Major: Community & Environmental Sociology, Global Health, American Indian Studies, Environmental Studies
Study abroad program: CALS Agriculture, Health and Nutrition in Uganda, Winter 2014

Delaney Cairns
Major: Community & Environmental Sociology, Global Health Study abroad program: Exploring the Cultural, Environmental and Institutional
Landscape of Health and Wellbeing in Ghana, Summer 2014

Caroline Grenis
Major: Gender & Women’s Studies, Global Health
Study abroad program: University of Cape Town, South Africa, Spring 2015
CALS Uganda Mobile Health Clinics, Summer 2014

Keighley Reisenauer
Major: Genetics, Spanish
Study abroad program: CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts & Liberal Arts in Spain, Fall 2014

They will be in available in 116 Ag Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with no appointment needed. They are being supervised by Susan Huber Miller, director of the CALS Study Abroad program.