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Upcoming TSA individual counseling sessions

Are you on track saving for your future? Take advantage of these free events. The UW Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program is your supplemental retirement savings plan.


Please check “Today In The Union” the day of your individual counseling session for the room at Union South and Memorial Union; for the Red Gym check “Today In The Red Gym” at the front door and other entrances. Sessions are from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. with each session 45 minutes. Having an individual counseling session does not obligate you to open an account. Or, if you have an account, make an appointment to discuss if you’re on track saving for retirement.

Filled – September 10 and 23, 2015 (Union South)
September 11, 2015 (UW System Administration, 780 Regent Street, room 121)
September 21, 2015 (Red Gym)
October 12, 2015 (Union South)
October 15, 2015 (Memorial Union)
October 16, 2015 (Red Gym)
October 26, 2015 (UW System Administration, 780 Regent Street, room 121)

To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-642-7131 or go to

September 8, 2015 (Union South)
September 9, 2015 (Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Drive, room 354)
September 10, 2015 (Union South)
Filled – there are sometimes cancellations – September 15, 2015 (Education Building); September 15 and 16, 2015 (Union South); September 16, 2015 (UW System Administration); September 17, 2015 (Grainger Hall); and September 17, 2015 (Red Gym).
October 7, 2015 (Union South)
October 8, 2015 (Grainger Hall, 975 University Avenue, room 5121)
October 8, 2015 (Red Gym)
October 28, 2015 (Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall, room 154)
October 28, 2015 (Union South)
October 29, 2015 (Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Drive, room 354)
October 29, 2015 (Union South)
October 30, 2015 (Red Gym)
October 30, 2015 (UW System Administration, 780 Regent Street, room 121)

To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-732-8353 or go to


Lincoln has advisors in Madison at 406 Science Drive, Suite 310.
For a Lincoln appointment, call 608-238-8388.

Ameriprise has advisors in Madison at 2501 West Beltline Hwy., Suite 301.
For an Ameriprise appointment, call 608-819-0500.

T. Rowe Price provides individual counseling sessions over the phone.
To speak to a T. Rowe Price representative, call 1-888-263-2899.

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