May 29 dairy research symposium will take a broad look at UW dairy-related research

Everyone knows the dairy industry is an integral part of Wisconsin’s economy, history and culture. Although many UW-Madison faculty conduct research that, in one way or another is related to the dairy industry, they tend to move in circles that may not expose them to the work of others.

We hope to change that by organizing the First Annual UW-Madison Dairy Research Symposium. Our goal is to organize a forum at which UW-Madison investigators whose research involves dairy animals or products (in the broadest sense) get together to meet and learn about the efforts of others. Our goal is to make people aware of the breadth and depth of dairy-related research on campus, and facilitate interactions that result in new collaborative projects, funding opportunities and discoveries.

The event will be held the afternoon of May 29 from 1:30-4:30 in Room 1520 Microbial Sciences.

The planning committee has selected 5 themes for presentations at the meeting:

  1. Dairy cow production and health;
  2. Dairy product development and safety;
  3. Dairy sustainability issues;
  4. Impact of dairy products on human nutrition and health;
  5. Economic and policy issues for dairy production and dairy products.

We plan to have 4-5 speakers for each theme give very short (approx. 3-4 min, 1 slide) presentations and to address one or more of the following questions about their work: 1) What is most exciting about the project; 2) What are the biggest problems to be solved; 3) What collaborations are currently underway or sought; and 4) How might this work make the dairy industry more sustainable. Time will be allotted (10 min) for questions to each group of speakers at the end of each theme.

The event will conclude with a social hour featuring examples of the Wisconsin cheese industry and appropriate beverages.

We hope you join us on May 29. Please take a minute to go to the link below and tell us about your work and whether you are interested in participating in and presenting at the Symposium.

For more information, contact Chuck Czuprynski at or (608) 262-8102.