BSE tractor team has plenty of pull

The 2013 UW tractor team: Alyx Selsmeyer, Bryan Rowntree, Jake Standal, John Gillis, Cyrus Nigon, Brian Straub, Brandon Nigon, Justin Orrick, Evan Price and Scott Dietsche.

CALS’ 1/4-Scale Tractor Team took 6th place overall (out of 29 teams) in the 2013 ASABE International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition. And they took first place for their presentation, which accounts for a third of the overall score, and fourth for their written report. Those parts of the competition may not be as dramatic as the ear-splitting performance event, when the mini-tractors get put through their paces, but high marks on communication carry a lot of weight on an aspiring engineer’s resume.

According to team co-advisor Brad Brooks, this group of UW-Madison Department of Biological Systems Engineering students spent hundreds of hours over the course of the year building the tractor. That’s super impressive–and it’s a beauty!