Russell Groves, 2013 recipient of the Pound Extension Award

Dean Kate VandenBosch and Russ Groves

The 2013 Pound Extension Award went to Russell Groves, an associate professor in the Department of Entomology and an Extension specialist in the area of insects affecting vegetable crops.

Russ has risen to the challenge of helping other Extension entomologists reduce pesticide usage and develop sustainable methods of insect pest management in the Upper Midwest. He excels in effective integration of research and outreach and is engaged in classroom teaching and mentoring.

Russ has effectively worked with farmers ranging from organic growers in the Amish community to multimillion dollar international farm corporations. He is widely regarded as an expert on control of numerous vector-borne pathogen systems. Some vegetable producers say “Russ is the only person in the United States that I can go to for good advice on how to control this pest.”

Russ is an outstanding Extension entomologist. He has established himself as a highly credible leader in vegetable entomology, providing valuable information to the clientele and industries that he serves.