Guilherme Rosa, 2013 recipient of the Pound Research Award

Dean Kate VandenBosch and Guilherme Rosa

This year’s Pound Research Award went to Guilherme Rosa, from the Department of Animal Sciences.

Guilherme is known for his outstanding national and international accomplishments in research in the areas of animal breeding, quantitative genetics, and statistical genomics.

He and his collaborators have published 131 refereed papers in scientific journals, which is quite remarkable for a young scientist. In addition, he has written 7 book chapters and published a large number of contributed papers and abstracts. He has funded his program with outside grants valued at over $10 million.

Since becoming a faculty member in the United States in 2002, he has been invited to speak in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, and Uruguay as well as at several of the major U.S. genetics and genomics scientific meetings. It is clear that Guilherme has a global reputation as an expert in statistical genomics.

His exceptional record makes him a worthy recipient of the 2013 recipient of the Pound Research Award.