CALS department chairs for 2012–2013

Here’s a list of CALS department chairs for the year to come. Departments with new chairs this year are italicized.

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics—Ian A. Coxhead
  • Agronomy—William F. Tracy
  • Animal Sciences—Daniel M. Schaefer
  • Bacteriology—Richard L. Gourse
  • BiochemistryElizabeth A. Craig
  • Biological Systems Engineering—Richard J. Straub
  • Community and Environmental Sociology—Leann M. Tigges
  • Dairy Science—Kent A. Weigel
  • EntomologyDavid B. Hogg
  • Food Science—Scott A. Rankin
  • Forest and Wildlife Ecology—William H. Karasov
  • Genetics—Michael R. Culbertson
  • Horticulture—Irwin L. Goldman
  • Landscape Architecture—John A. Harrington
  • Life Sciences Communication—Larry R. Meiller
  • Nutritional Sciences—James M. Ntambi
  • Plant Pathology—Caitilyn Allen
  • Soil Science—William L. Bland
  • Urban and Regional Planning—David W. Marcouiller