NIH Updates: New Application forms and other News

New Application Forms: As of October 15, 2010, NIH released the updated formset ADOBE-FORMS-B1, which implements changes to the ADOBE-FORMS-B. This new formset will become mandatory for all NIH proposals as of May 7, 2011 (for F, K, T, and D type applications, the ADOBE-FORMS-B1 will be required for the January 25, 2011 deadline). In the interim, NIH has indicated that they will accept either formset; however, CALS Research Division recommends using the new B1 forms whenever possible. If you have begun a proposal in Cayuse using the old forms, the proposal can be easily transformed to use the new B1 forms. For questions about transforming proposals, you can contact your preaward contact in the CALS Research Division, or review the available guidance at

New Look for NIH FOA’s: NIH has also announced that upcoming Funding Opportunity Announcements will have a new look. The changes reflect an effort to shorten announcements, facilitate ease of navigation, and ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date. For an example of the new format, go to

New Time Limit for Resubmission Applications: NIH will be implementing a time limit of 37 months between the submission of New, Renewal, or Revision applications and the Resubmission of that application.  The time limit will become effective for Resubmissions for the January 25, 2011 deadline. For additional details, please refer to NOT-OD-10-140 at