Campus-wide reception to honor academic staff award recipients

Several CALS academic staff members are among those to be honored at a campus-wide reception on Weds. Oct. 27 for 2009-2010 for  academic staff award recipients. This is the third year the Madison Academic Staff Association has held this campus-wide recognition of the collective accomplishments of the academic staff. The event takes place 4:30 p.m.– 6:30 p.m. in Lathrop Hall, Virginia Harrison Parlor (on the first floor). Appetizers and drinks will be served. Please register through the OHRD site so we can get an accurate count of participants:

These academic staff members will be honored:

Tom Achtor
Araceli Alonso
Emuye Asfaw
Dan Barnish
Brett Chapman
Dang Chonwerawong
Brett Chapman
Debra Claire
Linda Clipson
Susan Dibbell
Verónica Egon
Wayne Feltz
Donna Freitag
Julie Ganser
Luara Grossenbacher
Adriana Guram
Sandra Guthrie
Mary Hitchcock
Catherine”Terry” Jobsis
Kelli Keclik
John Klatt
Lynette Korenic
Robert Kreber
Marilyn Larsen
Will Lipske
Richard Loveless
Katherine Loving
John Lucas
Mary Makarushka
Magpie Martinez
Robert Meyer
Stephanie Osborn
Timothy Paustian
Michael Peters
Ileana Rodriguez-
Jay Samuel
Jeff Shokler
Anna Stevens
Jaime Stoltenberg
Sandra Trower
Faramarz Vakili
Sarah Van Orman
Roland Weeden

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