Entrepreneurial Social Infrastructure: Linking Local to Global – Feb. 22

Professor Cornelia Flora of Iowa State University will give a talk titled Entrepreneurial Social Infrastructure:Linking Local to Global on Monday, February 22, 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of Memorial Union. The lecture is FREE, and no tickets will be necessary. In order for us to get a better idea of how many people are attending the lecture, please register at

Flora will explore the following:
· Why do some communities thrive, while others decline?
· How does the global economic situation enable or limit local community agency?
· What are concrete things that communities have done to maintain economic security, ecosystem health and social equity?
· What sort of balance is needed for people and firms to thrive?

At the forefront of research in rural development, Cornelia Butler Flora is also past president of the Rural Sociological Society, the Community Development Society, and the Society for Agriculture, Food and Human Values. She is author and editor of a number of recent books, including Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities, Rural Communities: Legacy and Change, as well as over 175 articles and reviews. Her research focuses on community-level interventions to bring about positive, systemic change that includes healthy ecosystems, vital economies, and social inclusion.

The talk is sponsored by UW-Madison Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE), Distinguished Lectures Series, and Office of Corporate Relations.