CALS Financial Group meets Feb. 25th to discuss KRONOS and SAPS

If you have anything to do with student hourly payroll, you should try to attend this month’s meeting. If you do not process student payroll, please share this info with those in your department that do. Donna Christen, Natalie Ben-Zikri, and Susie Juncer from CALS Business Services will demonstrate the Kronos and SAPS payroll systems. They will run through the systems and show the reports that need to be run weekly. They will also show you how to get your students paid and paid correctly on the correct funding. They will also be available to answer any questions you may have about either system. Please feel free to email any questions in advance of this presentation to Donna at, Susie at, or Natalie at


Do you have any pre-award questions that you would like to ask before the next meeting? If so, please write to if you want the whole financial networking group to see your question. If you do not wish for the whole group to know your questions, then email Sandy Fowler directly at