Accident reports: When in doubt, fill one out

Many employees have a mishap at work. We fall, cut a finger, bump a head.  We wonder if an accident report should be filled out. The answer is yes. Many accident reports do not have any claims against them.  When in doubt, fill it out.  The forms for accident reports should be submitted within 48 hours. If that is not feasible, do it as soon as possible.  Forms should go to the CALS payroll office (208 Ag Hall) where the initial information is entered into a database. Previously all forms were required to be submitted together, but due to a change in policy, employees are encouraged to get as much submitted within 48 hours as possible.

Three forms are needed:

The Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness (form WKC-12)

The Employee’s Work Injury or Illness Report (form OSLP-1)

The Supervisor’s Accident Analysis and Prevention Report (form WKC-SUP)

Accidents happen, and it is very important that accident reports are submitted in a timely manner.  Fines may be assessed otherwise.

Above is the process for employees.  For more information contact Susie Juncer at 262-2034 or Sandy Weigt at 265-3092. Non-employees who have an accident should contact Risk Management at 262-8925.