Apply for CALS International Committee Speaker Award by Feb. 15

(Please download and post this announcement) – The CALS International Committee Speaker Award is designed to bring distinguished international scholars or public figures to the UW-Madison campus for short visits that will enhance the College’s international dimensions in any of a number of ways (e.g. by addressing important international issues, and/or bringing expertise from another country, and/or furthering relations with international institutions). Each visitor is expected to deliver one formal public lecture. Applications may be initiated by any department, institute, center or student organization within CALS. The maximum award is $1,000 which can be allocated towards an honorarium, travel or lodging. Funding decisions are made by the CALS International Committee.

In order to receive consideration an application packet must include:
o    Unit submitting proposal
o    Contact person information
o    Speaker’s name, title and home institution
o    Brief abstract summarizing the speaker’s qualifications
o    Title/subject of public lecture/seminar and anticipated audience
o    Other activities planned for the speaker
o    Brief explanation of how this speaker will enhance internationalization
o    Identify other funding sources that will be used to complement the cost of the visit (if needed)

Note: You need not secure the speaker’s agreement before submitting this proposal, but if you are proposing a very high profile speaker, please indicate why you expect her/him to accept your invitation.  Speakers can come from the United States or other countries and can be nationals of the U.S. or other countries.

Application procedure
To apply for the CALS International Committee Speaker Award send an electronic file containing the complete application packet to Hernando Rojas ( chair of the Speaker Award subcommittee, before February 16, 2009. Once all applications submitted in a timely fashion are reviewed, the committee will select as many applications as it can fund for any given year. CALS will then contact the department directly to make the funds available.

Responsibilities of Initiating Department
In considering whether to invite a speaker to Madison on the CALS International Committee Speaker Award, please remember that it is necessary to facilitate the visitor’s stay as much as possible. The initiating department or program is responsible for all arrangements, including organizing the flight/travel schedule, airport pick-up and departure, lodging, a public talk, meals, scheduling meetings with faculty/graduate students, distributing posters, and providing translators if necessary. Publicity should acknowledge support from the CALS International Committee. Within one month of the visit, the initiating faculty should submit a brief follow up evaluation of the event.