“Teaching Biology” seminar for TAs offered next semester

At the request of the 151-152 TAs, and as part of the Institute for Cross-College Biology Education‘s commitment to building community, ICBE will sponsor a 1-credit seminar next semester called “Teaching Biology.” The purpose is to explore the teaching and learning literature related to biology, foster community and provide networking opportunities for past and present TAs interested in teaching in their future careers.

The course is Bio675 “Teaching Biology” and the course code is 65070. Location: Rm. 117 at 445 Henry Mall. Time/day: TBD

Please let any interested graduate TAs know about this opportunity and encourage them to enroll (or participate without credit). Teri Balser, director of the ICBE, will facilitate this program. Please contact her with questions (, or if you are a student who would like to participate without credit.