CALS in the News May 26-30

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff:

Mosquitoes And Some Pals On Way
Wisconsin State Journal (5/24/08)
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology
Quoted: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology

Guest: Geneticist Sean Carroll
Freethought Radio and Podcast (Air America) (5/24/08)
Quoted: Sean Carroll, Genetics
(Sean Carroll’s interview is about 1/3 way into the discussion)

Sheep shearers in short supply; Strength-sapping, specialized, seasonal craft seeks students
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/26/08)
Quoted: Todd Taylor, Animal Science

Pulling all-nighters; Badger Pulling Team gears up for the nation’s loudest intercollegiate event
CALS News (5/27/08)
Mentioned: Badger Pulling Team
Mentioned: Neil Detra, Agricultural and Applied Engineering, Alum

Ethanol Group Responds to Criticism with Radio Campaign
Wisconsin Ag Connection (5/27/08)
Mentioned: Randall Fortenbery, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Demand still rising for raw milk
The Oregonian (5/27/08)
Quoted: Robert Bradley, Food Science, Genetics

Benefits of Kennebec River dam removal cited in studies, but Sebasticook fears persist
Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel (5/27/08)
Quoted: Bill Provencher, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Center for Limnology

CALS News via UW-Madison University Communications (5/27/08)
Quoted: Aseem Ansari, Biochemistry, Center for Biotechnology
Mentioned: Ken Shapiro, CALS, Associate Dean for International Programs

Curiosities: Are there years when dandelions are more plentiful?
UW-Madison University Communications (5/27/08)
Quoted: Mark Renz, Agronomy

Biotech groups hoping for industry contacts
Wisconsin State Journal (5/28/08)
Quoted: Tom Still, Wisconsin Technology Network, Life Sciences Communications, Lecturer

Which Seeds Are Still Viable?
Agri-View (5/28/08)
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Cleaning Herbicides From Sprayers
Agri-View (5/28/08)
Quoted: Chris Boerboom, Agronomy

New UW Dairy Specialist
Agri-View (5/28/08)
Quoted: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science

Organic Valley donation to help beginning farmers
The Country Today (528/08)
Quoted: Ben Miller, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Associate Dean
Quoted: Dick Cates, Soil Science, Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers
Quoted: Jennifer Taylor, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers, Research Assistant
(Subscription required) (page 3A)

New specialist will help harness information
The Country Today (5/28/08)
Quoted: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science
Quoted: Ric Grummer, Dairy Science
Quoted: Paul Fricke, Dairy Science
(Subscription Required) (page 4A)

Two UW-Madison Profs Among 7 New Wisconsin Academy Fellows
The Capital Times (5/28/08)
Mentioned: Sean Carroll, Genetics
Mentioned: Laura Kiessling, Biochemistry, Chemistry

UW-Madison University Communications (5/29/08)
By: Bret Shaw, Life Sciences Communication

UW-Madison University Communications (5/29/08)
By: Susan Lampert-Smith, Life Sciences Communication

Boost alfalfa value
Wisconsin Agriculturist (June, 2008)
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy
(Page 1)

Don’t waste heifer investment
Wisconsin Agriculturist (June, 2008)
By: Sandy Stuttgen, UW Extension
(Page 17)

Wisconsin Agriculturist (June, 2008)
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics
(Page 17)

Dry hay properly
Wisconsin Agriculturist (June 2008)
By: Dan Undersander
(Page 10)

Fixing Pharma
Forbes (6/16/08) (early release)
Quoted: Gabriela Cezar, Animal Science
Quoted: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

Topics of Interest
Memorial Garden Honors Young Community Activist; Saturday’s Dedication Event Will Celebrate Jessica Bullen’s Life
Wisconsin State Journal (5/23/08)
Mentioned: Sam Dennis, Landscape Architecture

Madison Bio-giant; Promega Helped Put Madison On The World’s Biotechnology Stage
Wisconsin State Journal (5/25/08)
Quoted: Carl Gulbrandsen, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Quoted: Craig Christianson, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Changes in Antarctic ice come as warning
Anchorage Daily News (5/25/08)
Quoted: Charles Bentley, Geology and Geophysics

Drug-makers, high-tech companies clash over patents; Debate on reform plan before Congress has big implications for state inventors
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/26/08)
Quoted: Andrew Cohn, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Q&A: The Man Behind Embryonic Stem Cells
Forbes (5/28/08)
Quoted: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

Wilferts Stress ‘Quality’ and Marketing of Strawberries, Fresh-Market Produce
Agri-View (5/28/08)
Quoted: Terri Wilfert, Dairy Science, Alum (’84)

Sassy Cow Creamery open for business
The Country Today (5/28/08)
Quoted: James Baerwolf, Agricultural Education, Alum (93)
Quoted: Robert Baerwolf, Dairy Science, Alum (’96)
(Subscription Required) (page 27)

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