New vacation and sick leave reporting rules for unclassified staff

The Board of Regents recently passed a resolution on vacation, personal holiday, and sick leave reporting for unclassified staff. CALS administration has been informed that instructions on how these changes will be implemented will be sent to all faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees in the next week or two from the campus Office of Human Resources, but we wanted to get some information out to you as soon as possible so you can prepare for the coming year.

The points below are printed verbatim from a December 14, 2007 memo from Catharine DeRubeis in the campus Academic Personnel Office. They were part of a longer memo from Catharine to Human Resource Representatives and Payroll Coordinators.

  1. All leave including vacation and personal holiday must be charged in units of one-half day (4 hours) for full-time unclassified employees. Employees with part-time appointments will continue to report actual hours absent when reporting leave.
  2. Beginning with the 2007-08 fiscal year, any unclassified employee who fails to file a leave report in one or more months will have his/her sick leave accrual reduced for that entire fiscal year (8.5 days for annual appointees or 6.4 days for an academic year appointee).
  3. Effective with the Spring 2008 semester, teaching academic staff and faculty will no longer be able to claim colleague coverage for any absences. Sick leave (or vacation for A-basis employees) must be used.

For more information, see the following UW System Leave Reporting Requirements Fact Sheet, the UW System Sick Leave Benefits site, or contact Frank Kooistra at (608) 262-9812 or