World Vegetable Center offers postdoc fellowships for vegetable R and D

The World Vegetable Center (AVRDC) awards postdoctoral fellowships to Ph.D. holders who are actively pursuing research and development on vegetables. Postdoctoral fellows can conduct research at the AVRDC headquarters or at one of its regional or bilateral programs.

Stipends for postdoctoral fellows are determined according to the number of years since the degree was awarded and evidence of scientific achievement. Postdoctoral fellows with less than three years postdoctoral experience are in the lowest stipend category level; those with more than seven years experience and evidence of significant achievement are in the highest category. Financial support is through AVRDC, usually from funds made available directly to AVRDC from collaborative projects funded by bilateral or multilateral development agencies. Terms are for one to three years.

The mission of AVRDC is to improve nutrition and reduce poverty in the tropics through vegetable research and development. Its major research programs are conducted at AVRDC headquarters in Shanhua, Taiwan. To enhance its outreach efforts, training centers operate in Tanzania and Thailand and research networks have been established across the world. AVRDC offers many opportunities for scientists and students to participate in its research and development (R&D) programs. Through these opportunities AVRDC is developing a team of well-trained and highly motivated scientists engaged in vegetable research, extension, policy formulation, and production. These training opportunities also provide AVRDC a means of strengthening its R&D capacity in critical areas.

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