2007 Honorary Recognition, Distinguished Service recipients named

Dean emeritus Leo Walsh and biochemistry pioneer Hector F. DeLuca are the
2007 recipients of the CALS Distinguished Service Award. The 2007 Honorary
Recognition Awards go to Bradley Biddick, Livingston; Robert J. Pofahl,
Middleton; Mark E. Riechers, Darlington; and R. Douglas Wilson, Shawno.

Biddick is known for his many contributions to education, agronomy, and
rural Wisconsin. Pofahl is noted for success in environmental engineering
and business. Riechers has spent his life improving the livestock business
for all Wisconsin producers. Wilson has provided leadership in the dairy
business community and to rural Wisconsin.

Honorary Recognition and the Distinguished Service Award are the highest
honors bestowed on individuals by the UW College of Agricultural and Life
Sciences. Both awards are to be presented at the Honorary Recognition
Banquet and Reception, Thursday, October 25. Watch for more information.

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