Chancellor encourages support for Council for Non-Represented Classified Staff (CNCS)

Please note the following memo from Chancellor Wiley regarding the Council for Non-Represented Classified Staff (CNCS)

March 26, 2007

TO: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Department Administrators

FROM John D. Wiley, Chancellor

RE: Council for Non-represented Classified Staff (CNCS) Participation

As you probably know, the Council for Non-represented Classified Staff (CNCS) serves on behalf of all non-represented classified staff employees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The purpose of CNCS is to promote active participation in university decision-making, informed communication, and a positive professional environment for all non-represented classified employees.

This organization works most effectively when all participants feel welcome to come forward to offer their energy and expertise. Non-represented classified staff are encouraged to serve on committees across campus. Whether their role is primarily that of observer, or a more active role as a participant with full voting privileges, the inclusion of non-represented classified staff on committees across campus is important to our goals for improving diversity and campus climate.

I ask that units and supervisors, whenever possible, provide flexibility in work scheduling so that non-represented classified staff may serve on appropriate standing committees, campus-wide committees, or on the Council for Non-represented Classified Staff. Full-time employment in a work unit or office should not serve as a barrier to participation on UW-Madison committees.

I urge all non-represented classified staff to consider participation in serving as members of the Council or on a CNCS committee. I also ask all supervisors to help make this participation possible.

For more information about the Council for Non-represented Classified Staff (CNCS), and the opportunity to nominate individuals for the CNCS Council, please see