April 13 brownbag offers highlights from the CALS Freshman Seminar

Did you know that the college offers a seminar for freshman designed to help them make the transition from high school to college academics? This 1-credit course is promoted at SOAR and enrollment has grown from 48 students in 2000 when it was first introduced to 133 students last fall. The CALS Instructional Improvement Committee is hosting a brown bag session brownbag presentation about the seminar on April 13, noon–1:15 pm in 117 Old Genetics (445 Henry Mall).

Assistant Dean Christina Klawitter will discuss the program goals, content and structure. She will also share feedback from students who have participated in the seminar. Faculty mentors will provide testimonials on their experiences in working with students as they begin to think more critically about social issues, interact with faculty, and network with fellow students.