CALS Community of Wellness tip: Get a good night’s sleep with the Well WI Seize the Zzzzz challenge

Information for this article was taken from the Well WI email dated March 7.

March is National Sleep Awareness Month. What are you doing to get the sleep you need? Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep can help you manage stress, maintain a healthy weight and prevent many health conditions. 

Do you need some sleep support? Register for the Well WI Seize the Zzzzz challenge by March 27 and track your sleep for 21 of 28 days between March 20 and April 16. Get a good night’s rest for 14 days to complete the challenge. 

This will fill your well-being activity, which is 1 of 3 items needed to earn your $150. (You will also need a health assessment and health check.)

Get the sleep you have been dreaming of!