CALS Wellness Committee tip: Ideas to reduce screen time this summer

Screen time can be a nice way to decompress after a long day, but at what point is the screen time doing more harm than good? An article on the Mayo Clinic Health System website shares guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics, including information about recommended time limits on screen time for children, teens and adults:

  • No screen time for children under 2
  • One hour per day for children 2 to 12
  • Two hours per day for teens and adults

This article written by UW–Madison Extension lists some of the negative impacts of screen time on children – but also offers some creative ideas to use screens in positive ways as well as approaches to establish good habits/rules for screen time.

If everybody were to keep their screen time to the recommended levels, that would create a lot more time in the day for other sources of entertainment. Below are some ideas from the CALS Wellness Committee for fun ways to fill some of that time – featuring options local to Dane County that can work for both children and adults!

Get active: While getting active can mean going to the gym, it can also be so much more! There is no shortage of ways you and your family can get moving.

Cool down: What better way is there to beat the summer heat than going for a swim? Luckily, there are lots of options to do just that!

Learn something new: Madison is home to many museums to keep learning something new!

The list of ideas could go on and on! Focusing our time on things other than screen time will benefit us all greatly. An article from the Mayo Clinic Health System notes that we can experience better physical health, have more quality free time, make social connections, boost our moods, and build community.

This summer is the perfect time to make the change, as there are many options for things to do!