Metro Transit bus system changes start Jun. 11

Madison Metro Transit is launching a new bus system on Sunday, June 11. The new bus service will be completely different from the current system. Anyone who rides the bus could be affected by new routes, schedules, and/or stop locations.

The following resources are available to help with the transition:

  1. Find out how bus routes could change before June 11 using the trip planning tools on Metro’s website, When using the Transit app to check routes, make sure the travel date is set to June 11 or later.
  2. An informational flyer about the June 11 launch date can be found below. The flyer links to Metro’s website for more details and materials in translation. Please feel free to forward, print, and/or post this flyer at your discretion.
  3. For new bus system resources tailored to UW community members, refer to this web post at the Transportation Services website. Our department offers custom route planning assistance and subsidized employee bus passes.