Halloween tips and tricks from the CALS Wellness Committee

Photo by Althea Dotzour / UW-Madison

Halloween is here! This means candy, carving pumpkins, and/or nighttime walking/driving for those that partake in the festivities. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.


  • Try to keep candy out of the house until Halloween
  • Have kids trade candy for a toy from the “Candy Fairy”
  • Use a smaller trick-or-treating container for your child
  • Only give out one piece of candy (benefits both parties — your budget and kids’ teeth!)
  • Try giving out something new: Snacks, glowsticks, temporary tattoos, or stickers
  • Have extra candy? Save it for baking, a birthday party, or donate it

Carving pumpkins

  • Do not rush!
  • Choose a sturdy location
  • Keep your hands outside the pumpkin while carving
  • Use small, controlled motions
  • Keep hands and tools dry

Nightime walking/driving

  • Enhance your visibility with glow sticks, flashlights, or reflective wear
  • Inspect costumes for tripping hazards and vision blockage (face paint is better than a mask!)
  • Stay together
  • Look twice (look left, right, and left again) and use crosswalks
  • Drivers: Slow down and be alert

Information from this article was used from the 10/20/2022 Dietetics and Nutrition Club Fall Lunch and Learn presented by Alison Rohloff,, and UW Health.