New NIH data management and sharing policy effective Jan. 2023

Effective for applications starting Jan. 25, 2023 and after, all NIH-supported researchers producing scientific data will be expected to submit a data management & sharing plan as part of their proposals.

Updates on the plan will be expected within annual reporting and non-compliance with the plan during and after the end of the funding period “may be taken into consideration for future funding decisions for the recipient institution.” (NIH 2023 policy) To read more about the forthcoming policy, visit:

Research Data Services (RDS) is a free campus resource that can help you with questions about the policy, data sharing, and data management plans. Visit the NIH-specific page on the RDS website to learn about the policy, see resources for writing a plan, and gain access to DMPTool, a tool that provides a structured template and guidance for writing a robust data management & sharing plan. Researchers can request feedback on drafted plans prior to submission from RDS through DMPTool as well. Please note, you cannot submit a final plan to NIH through DMPTool. The website also offers information about local data repository options, the data storage finder, best practice information, and more. Reach out to RDS through their contact form anytime.