Photo by Kristin Carroll

Thursday, August 18 was a beautiful day for the CALS Wellness flower press event at Allen Centennial Garden! Attendees had lots of flowers to pick from to make bookmarks, office décor, cards, and/or decorate a picture frame. It was a great way to take a mid-morning or mid-day break, be outside, and make something creative.

The Wheel of Wellness has seven dimensions, and depending on your outlook, this event may have incorporated six of the seven dimensions of wellness:

  • Emotional: manage your stress, value self-exploration with what you created at the event
  • Social/Cultural: time in society with others and having healthy conversations with others
  • Financial: this event was free to attendees
  • Environmental: enjoying time in nature
  • Physical: your walk to Allen Centennial Garden
  • Spiritual: depending on what spiritual means to you, being present in the outdoors can be spiritual for some

We hope to plan a similar event in summer 2023!