CALS in the News for the Week of October 9 – 15

In the News

Podcast: The Ezra Klein Show – Lessons on Living Well, From Nick Offerman
New York Times, 10/12/21
Mentioned: Aldo Leopold, deceased, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Water quality panel recommends keeping fluoride in Madison water supply
Wisconsin State Journal, 10/12/21
Quoted: Sharon Long, Emeritus, Soil Science

Do we need a genetic animal bank?
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/14/21
Interviewed: Francisco Pelegri, Genetics

Recalibrating COVID Risk Mid-Pandemic
WORT 89.9 fm, 10/13/21
Interviewed: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

Wisconsin farmers deal with fungal disease ‘tar spot’ during harvest time
WMTV-TV, 10/12/21
Quoted: Mitch Breunig, Alumnus, Animal and Dairy Sciences
Quoted: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology

Fermentation Fest features local businesses, 10/14/21
Quoted: Randy Jackson, Agronomy
Quoted: Marie Raboin, Alumna, Agroecology
Mentioned: Laura Paine, Agronomy
Mentioned: Gabriela Martinez Motta, Student, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW spearheads collaborative research project on environmentally sustainable bioproducts
The Badger Herald, 10/12/21
Quoted: Julia Martien, Student, Bacteriology

Who’s Managing On-Farm Genetic Diversity of Corn in the Upper Midwest?
Seed Today, 10/15/21
Mentioned: Cathleen McCluskey, Student, Agronomy
Mentioned: Bill Tracy, Agronomy

Fertilizer Research Council Funds UW Projects
Mid-West Farm Report, 10/11/21
Mentioned: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science
Mentioned: Matt Ruark, Soil Science
Mentioned: Yi Wang, Horticulture

Of Interest

Georgia college professors to face new reviews, regents say
AP, 10/13/21

Candy corn bratwurst are being made in Wisconsin — and selling out
Today, 10/12/21

Breaking language barriers: Project ENABLE creates new Navajo words for scientific terms
Spectrum News, 10/11/21

Port Milwaukee and DeLong Company break ground on new agricultural export facility
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/14/21