Guide 2021-2022 is live

On June 1, UW-Madison officially published the 2021-2022 edition of Guide. This edition is the culmination of the work that your departmental and school/college representatives, academic planners, faculty, and governance bodies have been working towards all year. Together, we processed and implemented over 425 Lumen Programs and Structures updates and over 880 new, changed, or discontinued courses in this catalog cycle.

There are some new bells and whistles worth mentioning that should make Guide more user-friendly! You can now download and print a PDF of an individual tab to the existing “Print Options” dropdown. This means that on any given Guide page, you can now print the Requirements or Four-Year plans (or any other tab).

We want to highlight a few pages that are particularly helpful for major/program exploration: for undergraduate opportunities and for graduate opportunities.

Please note that if you still see last year’s information on a page, you might need a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) or to clear your cache.